Icelawn is the custom backyard ice rink provider of the Twin Cities. We specialize in building rinks and putting smiles on a family’s face all winter long. We build it in the fall, you fill it when it freezes, we haul it away when it thaws. Whether it’s hockey, figure skating, curling or just plain ice shenanigans, your winters are about to become a whole lot more fun with a backyard ice rink from Icelawn.

“They never wanna leave the rink”
– Jessica C.
“some of my best memories
were made on the rink”
– Ben E.
“winter goes by too fast
now that we have ice”
– Mike H.


Figure Skating


Why backyard ice rinks by Icelawn

Maybe your kid is an aspiring Conor McDavid or maybe the next Michelle Kwan, or perhaps you’re just looking for a way to spend more quality time outdoors with your family or neighbors this winter. There are so many great reasons to let Icelawn build the backyard ice rink you’ve always wanted but never have time to make. We build it, you fill it, we remove it. That’s it! No storing bulky materials in your garage or trying to figure out how to build a sturdy perimeter. All you have to do is fill it and enjoy it. Leave the rest to Icelawn.

How it works

Site Visit

We consult on your overall rink package

Assess elevation levels

Assess yard obstacles

Take initial measurements


Build board perimeter and support system

Install any additional extras (ie. lights, rubber mattes, etc)

Consult on tarp and filling (owner fills)

Fun All Winter

Hockey, figure skating, curling, boot hockey, late night shenanigans!

Record spouse saying “you were right, this is fun”

Enjoy admiration from neighbors

Removal and storage

Spring is here!

Once all ice has melted, Icelawn deconstructs and removes all materials and tarp

Reserve spot for following winter

Is your yard Icelawn ready?

Icelawn is not for everyone. It requires just a few simple criteria. If you can say yes to the items below – don’t hesitate to contact us and get your backyard rink on order today.


Uninterrupted yard space

Minimal fluctuation in elevation

A passion for cold weather sports

Lawns only, sorry –
no ponds, pavers, pools or concrete


Standard package:

20′ x 40′ rink with 1′ high wooden perimeter = $2,900*

Installation and removal of wooden 20′ x 40′ perimeter with supports
50′ x 30′ white tarp

*Prices can vary depending on elevation variance, perimeter height and optional upgrades.

Additional options:

Patio Lighting system – $650

Rubber Mats – $10/sq ft

Pond Hockey Goals – $100 (pair)

Blue Line/Red Line Laser Lights – $150

36″ Rink Shovel (Snowplow®) – $100

Let’s get skating.

Contact us and secure your spot on the ice this winter.

Let’s Get Skating

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